Apoth was a Division Officer of EU SC2.

Apoth began his career in eXe back when eXe was still the SC2 division of Tactical Gaming. Soon after joining, he began running the Introductory Team Infestor with his Team Assistant DarkAshy.

When the switch to eXe was made, Apoth became a leader of the Introductory Team Drones when Infestor and Drones were merged. However, he was promoted to Division Officer within 2 months of the creation of eXe proper when Kaileen stepped down, and there he has stayed except for a brief stint of downtime in Nexus. He is currently both the longest serving Division Officer & IT leader in the clans history.

Apoth plays Zerg, and has advanced from Gold to Platinum to Diamond during his stay in the clan. He also casted and ran each of the four SC Open tournaments , and now also streamsd and casts StarCraft events for the clan. Externally he has streamed & casted for ESL, Armchair Warlords, Team React & obtained a Staff Casting position at SCVRush.

If there's some official docuemt or standardised system of doing things in eXe, odds are that Apoth wrote it, had a hand in writing it, or it was stolen from him with a new name painted on the top.

After his departure from eXe he got into EVE Online as a second main game, and now splits his time between the two. To see more from him you can read his blog at:

Or follow him on Twitter: