This memorandum was posted by Apoth, Division Officer, 25 June 2012 as a thread in the StarCraft General Discussion forums . These changes are in response to issues brought up by members, and show that the clan leadership values it's members and does what it can to support them.

Team StructureEdit

  • Restrictions on Team focus and description loosened, guidelines such as the 2-league bound rule can be discussed and altered on a case-by-case basis. Team Descriptions are what defines how a Team works, what their emphasis is on and how they practice. Team Staff get to decide what their Team Description entails under the safeguards listed below.
  • All changes to Team Descriptions must be approved by appropriate member(s) of Division Staff (Their DM & possible even a DO) to discuss and help make sure said changes are reasonable, intelligent, good and productive ways to run the team, and that all Team Members are in favour of them. What may work best for one Team may not work best for the other, so we're opening up a lot of wiggle room to help accommodate that. Division Staff reserve the right to deny any proposed changes, all of which will be dealt with and considered on a Team by Team basis.
  • Through DMs taking part in each Teams practice at least once every fortnight (which was already supposed to be happening), Team standards can be monitored, with the Division Staff intervening if Teams start struggling.
  • DMs will be having weekly meetings with all of their Team Staff (Similar in style to the weekly Division Staff meeting) to discuss anything going on and to keep up to date, e.g are members not fitting in, a member needs a transfer because he's to skilled/not skilled enough etc etc etc.
  • All Teams may compete in external "Clanwar" matches and leagues under the name "eXe [Team]". Any lack of professionalism or misbehavior in these contacts will result in that privilege being removed.
  • This is not a change but a reminder, Drones do not have to attend 4 practices before they graduate, this is just a guideline to give them the opportunity to see multiple Teams. Drones must attend 2 practices minimum while still tagged as a Drone with their chosen Team before full graduation.

Other StuffEdit

  • There will be a Team Staff 2v2 tournament (See Below for details).
  • The old EUTL has been abolished, there will be a new announcement on Sunday at the latest with the new format, as the old one was causing too many problems.
  • The eXe Weekly will be restarting this Saturday, with an announcement post released on Thursday at the latest.

Team Staff 2v2 TournamentEdit

  • 2v2 Tournament for Team Staff only, with a $40 Prize provided by the Division Staff, I will make a full thread in the tournaments and Leagues Section by Wednesday so people can sign up.

The Division Staff ♥