We are the Flying Terror of all Ground units, we are the shredders of life. We are OP. We are The Mighty BroodLords!

We are a Platinum/Diamond team with all 3 races represented and that is the way it should be. So finding a practice partner for all the match ups shouldn't be that hard to find. Laddering like a crazy, having fun with teammates on customs, That's us.

BroodLord Forum Thread

Mandatory PracticesEdit

  • Tuesday  19:00GMT to 21:00 GMT
  • Sunday 19:00GMT to 21:00 GMT

If everybody agrees we CAN change the times but it needs whole teams approval.

Optional PracticeEdit

  • Thursday with Broodlings 19:00 GMT to 21:00 GMT

If you show up for these head down to the Broodling TS channel. More importantly, if somebody annoys our little brothers Broodlings, we have job to do.

In-game chat channelEdit

eXe Broodlord

Want to Join us?Edit

We only require only one thing and that is to have fun but to take seriously things when needed and constantly over come your weaknesses.

Mr. Pingy 07:17, May 16, 2012 (UTC)