Requirements to create a pageEdit

  • none
  • none
  • none

That's right, even though creating a wiki account is helpful in determining who is active on the wiki, it is not a requirement to edit or even create pages. However, don't think that doing things "anonymously" on the wiki is really anonymous, because admins can still see your IP and track your actions that way, so behave!

Starting outEdit

So you're on the wiki, how to create a page?

  1. Go to the top right and click on the "contribute" pop-down window.
  2. Select "add a page"
  3. Name your page appropriately, and select standard or blank page layout. The only real difference is that the standard automatically places a spot for a photo while blank does not.
  4. Add content using the visual and/or source tabs at the top. Visual shows what your page will look like, while source shows the coding for the page. There are many options at the top which are used to format the page, so just play around and have fun with them. You can also add features and media using the selection box to the right of the editing area.

Finishing up: CategoriesEdit

You can now preview the page using the button at the top right (which is highly recommended before publishing). Once you're happy with the way your page looks, it is now time to categorize it. If you do not feel comfortable setting categories for it don't worry aobut it, Pingy can set up the categories later. What these categories do is help with the organization and navigation of the wiki by making the page show up on certain lists. More categories can be added if needed.


If the game is region divided then it is specified whether it is NA or EU.

  • NA
  • EU


eXe is placed on pages that apply to the entire clan such as rules, while Divisions and Teams are placed on Division and Team pages respectively and Pets and Players pages are for individual pets and players respectively.

  • eXe
  • Divisions
  • Pets
  • Players
  • Teams


Divisions, Teams, and Tournaments always have a game category. Players and procedures often do as well, although they don't have to. For example, clan-wide procedures will not have a game category and neither will players who are not in a particular game division.

  • BF
  • CS
  • Diablo
  • DotA
  • StarCraft
  • Diablo
  • DotA
  • GW
  • LoL
  • TFC
  • WoW


These are special categories that further categorize certain pages. Defunct is for teams or divisions which have been closed, and test is a special tag that denotes a test page where new things are being tried out.

  • Defunct
  • Procedures
  • Test
  • Tournaments