DeeMo at his family picnic.

Justin "DeeMo" Souders is an American Starcraft 2 player on eXe's North American CT Team (Dragoon). He is a grandmaster terran player on the NA server.


DeeMo started his Starcraft 2 career on team EVO, where he thrived as a terran player until the disbanding of EVO. DeeMo joined eXe in early 2012 and was recruited in Dragoon by Jjang. He proved to be a strong and well-balanced terran player, all-killing several high masters teams and winning many clan wars and team league matches.


DeeMo DeeMo DeeMo TaCo DeeMo DeeMo DeeMo

Noteable AchievementsEdit

Over 20 1st place wins in Z33k Daily tournaments.

Random FactsEdit

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DeeMo's favorite picture

Knows for a fact that storm is overpowered.
  • worst terran in eXe.