Each game eXe supports constitutes a division, and each division has a Division Leader (DL) to oversee all of its affairs. Division Leaders must be dedicated to their game and be willing to put in 110% to help run the division. While this takes a lot of work, it doesn’t mean that Division Leaders are on their own; they have Division Offers and fellow Division Leaders to help. Anyone who is up for becoming Division Leader of any division will have to have a majority vote amongst the current DL’s in order to be promoted. Division Leaders are also the only ones eligible to become eXe Leader.

Division Leaders’ duties include but are not limited to:

  • Serving on the High Council
  • Managing the division and its members
  • Final say on all division-level decisions
  • Dealing with all regions (both EU and NA)
  • Working with Division Officers to oversee the division
  • Working with resident Department Heads
  • Setting practice times
  • Moderating all forums

At any time if a Division Leader does something the rest of the DL’s do not agree with, the High Council reserves the right to hold a vote of confidence and if a majority is passed than the leader will be removed from the High Council and forced to step down as a Division Leader.