Team MemberEdit

As a Team Member you're just going to your Team Assistant or Team Leader and tell them you want to transfer Division, and to which one obviously.

Team StaffEdit

As a Team Assistant or Team Leader, you make sure your Team Leader/Team Assistant knows about it, and then one of you will go to your nearest CoC with it.

Division StaffEdit

The Division staff needs to inform their CoC about it as well, and then they can transfer themselves, or their superior (DO/DL) can do it.

How to handle a Division TransferEdit

When you're transferring from one Division to another make sure to get your own end sorted out first. For example: Task: A member wants to transfer from SC to LoL.

  1. The Division Staff from SC clears his SC tags and gives him Team Member if he does not already have it. - Before you're going to the next step, make sure everything that needs to be done, is done at your end.
  2. Now you either move your post to the LoL Member Updating or make a post about it there as well. Then the LoL Division Staff will take it from there.

Don't start to tag for each other without agreeing on it first, it makes a mess for those who wants to know who is going in and out of their Division.

And make sure you have a character for the Division you want to move to!

The CoCEdit

CoC means Chain of Command, and the CoC is always your nearest superior.

From top to bottom:

Team Member

Team Assistant

Team Leader

Division Manager

Division Officer

Division Leader

If your CoC does not answer within a reasonable time, you go to the next one in line.