NA eXe Open

The North American eXe Open happened on August 13, 2011 at 3pm est. It had a prize pool of $200 divided among the top four finishers. The tournament was single elimination with a 128 player bracket. It was open to all leagues and was free to enter. For more detailed information, visit the tournament's page on z33k.


-Single Elimination

-128 player bracket

-32 seeds reserved for Grandmasters and top 10 masters players

-The first round is Best of 1. The next four rounds are Best of 3. Semifinals and Finals are Best of 5.

-The first map of each round is fixed, loser picks next map.

Map PoolEdit

GSL Crevasse
GSL Terminus SE
MLG Shattered Temple
ICCup Testbug
MLG Metalopolis
MLG Shakuras Plateau
Tal'Darim Alter LE
MLG Xel'Naga Caverns


- You must play with the Race and ID that you signed up with.
- You must contact your opponent on IRC or to play your match. The in game channels to be used is 'eXe open', 'eXe open 2', or 'eXe open 3'.
- You have 15 minutes to start your Round 1 match, anyone that is not present after 15 minutes will get a disqualification. Contact an admin if you are unable to play.
- No observers are allowed in-game besides casters and/or tournament admins.
- Those who are listed as one of the official livestreams are always allowed to stream your game.
- After the match has been played, you must report the result.
- For matches that are Best of 3 and 5, the first game is decided through a set map process. After the first game, the loser picks a map from the Map Pool. Each map can be played on only once.
- In the case of disconnects in the first 4 minutes of the match, it will be restarted if there was no first-opponent-contact. The participants have to involve a referee if the problem appears frequently. If a participant disconnects after 4 minutes into the match, it is the choice of the opponent whether the match will be restarted or not. A referee has to be informed in any case! If the disconnected participant obviously won the match, the replay must be uploaded to a referee who then will decide whether the match will be restarted or not. For the rematch, participants have to choose the same races as in the first match. In the case of random races participants have to choose the race that was chosen by the game in the previous match.
- Pauses : players must give prior warning before pausing the game for whatever reason. Players are allowed only one pause per game.

Noteable SignupsEdit

HwangSin (GoSu)

Deezer (RatZ)

WBC (GoSu)

Desrow (VT)

Perfect (CheckSix)

Stalife (Light)

Goswser (Complexity)



1st Place ($100) 2nd Place ($60) 3rd Place ($30) 4th Place ($10)
HwangSin Deezer WBC Mystic