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Firebat squad is a group of players that are constantly trying to improve their skill level, mainly in 1v1 games. At practices we work with each other on how to improve through peer critiques, game-play analysis, and providing help during matches by having lower level players coached by higher ranked players of the same race. In addition to this we also reverse the roles by having lower ranked players spectate games and ask questions of the higher ranked players to pick their minds mid-game. We strive to continue increasing in skill as well as getting to know the other members of the squad. We enjoy playing as much as possible, even though some of us have real life responsibilities that keep us away from the game at times. Firebat is a squad dedicated to raising the skill level of ALL members within the squad. We don't expect everyone to be of pro/semi-pro skill, but simply dedicated to improving themselves and helping their teammates improve.

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Optional PracticeEdit

Will be scheduled depending on interest and availability of members

About Our MembersEdit

As a member of Firebat you must show dedication to improving as well as helping others improve. We are currently looking for High Platinum and Up level players. You must be willing to observe matches regularly and provide constructive criticism to players on what they can improve, as well as take such criticism yourself when you're playing and have squad members watching. We commit to helping you improve your play when you practice, and provide intelligent discussion of strategy when you're observing matches with us, as well as please always be open to suggestions when you join a practice session, we're very serious.

Mr. Pingy 06:01, May 16, 2012 (UTC)