Goliath was an old TG squad that was forced to disband when the transition to eXe occured. Goliath was formely run by Maverick and eDgein. Golaith was a silver-gold squad that really liked to play for the fun of it. They were striving to get better but were content on just enjoying the game rather than taking it super seriously. The squads founding was one of the first alongside Ghost and Firebat. There squad however was forced to disband when eXe was formed. It was officially closed on June 2nd, 2011.


TG EraEdit

Goliath was originally formed under the leadership of Maverick. Maverick led the squad with his assistant eDgein. The two of them led the squad to become quite the contender within the FraggedNation Ladder however the ladder was forced to closed down due to the inactivity of most teams. Goliath continued to grow under Mavericks leadership and produced many members who took up other squad leader positions. When Maverick became HTIA of Starcraft Division, eDgein was chosen to replace him and under his leadership the squad continued to thrive. The squad was known for its connections to the media department within the division. eDgein was an experienced caster and stream as was Maverick. Most of the squad consisted of members who enjoyed casting games and with that the squad and the team grew exponentially. It also became well known as the squad to be in when in TG. As fate would have it though, all good things must come to an end. When the move to eXe was made, some members were lost in the shuffle. This meant the loss of eDgein who was on vacation at the time and could not continue as Team Leader. Thus Maverick was forced to take temporary leadership again.

eXe EraEdit

Unfortunetly Goliath's time within eXe was short, Maverick was head of the Media Department and could not take on two jobs at once. He was forced to stick to the media team leaving Goliath with only a few members and no one to lead them. The decision was made during the restructure of the Starcraft Division to close the division and move the members to the other teams. This spelled the end of Goliath, however they will be forever remembered in eXe as a dedicated contributor to the clan.

Notable Members in GoliathEdit

Maverick - Squad Leader (TG) and High Council Member (eXe)

eDgein - Squad Assitant/Leader (TG)