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Zyra is an AP mid champion, who is pretty diverse depending on your item build and playstyle. She has really good burst with her summons, can play really disruptive and is a TON of fun. However, her real niche lies in area control with her “W” which places a seed on target location, giving vision and the possibility to turn it into a plant minion.

The seeds really sets her apart from other AP mid champions. It’s a really cool mechanic but makes her have a pretty high skill cap. You will have to think carefully about how you will use the seeds since they are limited to immediate use of 2, but with a properly set up fight you can have 4 seeds up and ready to be grown into nasty minions. As long as you know where the fight will happen, or with a bait, this will create major “WTF” moments for the enemy team.

Since the seeds also grant vision (slightly less then a vision ward) you might also want to put them at important places. They only last 30 seconds but just having the vision of a crucial part of the map in exchange for maybe one less plant summon can be well worth it. It also gives the enemy something to worry about, because they will have to think twice about going to an area with seeds in them.

Overall: Zyra will fit the AP mid roll nicely and has a very unique play style with her seed mechanic. Her CC is solid but skillshot based which requires some skill, and the same goes for making the best out of every seed you sow (literally!). Her burst is high, but as most bursty AP mids she is squishy so always take that into consideration. Good harass with “Q” and plant summons. Strongly countered by champions with high mobility, like Ahri.

Buy her if you play mid a lot and are looking for something both challenging and interesting to play!

- Dai Guren

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