Probes is an introductory team. It is a place for you to get used to eXe and learn how things work here, while we make sure that you will show up for practice on a regular basis.

You should show up for your first (and only) Probes practice on the Sunday after you get placed in Probes. During this practice, we will explain how things work in eXe and let you know which teams you can join permanently. Then we will play a few games, probably with some kind of fun theme, for the rest of practice.

After this practice, you will spend the rest of your time in Probes practicing with other teams. There are likely several teams you would fit in with, so you will start going to these teams one by one to see which one you would like to join. This thread will tell you which team you should practice with next. It is usually updated the night before practice.

Once you find a team you fit in with, you can stay there and keep practicing with them. After 2 practices in that team, you can ask to be moved there from Probes, as long as you have spent a total of 4 practices in Probes.

Probes Forum Thread


Sundays 5-7 PST/8-10 EST.

Activity RequirementsEdit

We want to ensure the quality of our clan, so we have activity requirements for our members.

  1. Attending practices. If you will miss a practice, then please let your Team Staff know. In Probes, please do this by posting to the Probes Excused List. If you miss 2 practices without letting anyone know (AWOLs), you will be removed without notice from the clan.
  2. Forum activity. You must check the forums at least once a week and preferably more. This does not involve posting; just log in and read some threads! We use the forums to announce events and discuss strategy, so they are quite important. If you do not check the forums for 2 weeks, you will be removed without notice from the clan.

Other thingsEdit

If you want to look into what team you might want to join, this page has a list of all of the teams.

Current Probe StaffEdit

ID Race Leauge Favorite Food


Wings ProtossIcon BronzeIcon

Divison Manager

Team Manager

Bloodcypher ProtossIcon BronzeIcon Team Assistant

Past Probe StaffEdit

ID Race Leauge Favorite SC2 Unit Comment
Firnafth ZergIcon PlatinumIcon Division Officer
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