We are a Platinum-Diamond Squad, meaning that we will focus more on the theory and refinement to our games than actually competing in tournaments, although we will still more than likely look for the odd small tournament to join. By refining our mechanics we well on our way to Masters.

Raven Forum Thread


Raven has been around since the leave from TG. Raven has had one of thee longest serving Squad Leaders and now Team Leaders in eXe History. All of the other teams have had numerous Team Leaders but one team has had the longest since eXe's founding and that would be Raven. Logi has been team leader since the inception of Raven. He remains in the same position today and has led his team through the good and the bad. Raven is still holding strong today and is one of eXe's oldest teams (only losing to Ghost and Firebat). Raven holds the distinct title of having one of the longest serving TL's in the history of eXe. To this day no one has even come close to Logi's length in a TL position.

Optional PracticeEdit

  • Monday - 8:00 pm EST/7CET
  • Saturdays - 8:00pm EST/7CET

About Our MembersEdit

As a member of Raven (ST) you will be expected to be willing to learn and get better at StarCraft by not only analyzing what you did right and wrong, but by also being able to understand the game and mechanics by watching pro replays.

Mr. Pingy 05:55, May 16, 2012 (UTC)

Team Motto: It's Bejujujujew Bean's fault. Always.