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Arguably, the best player in the world, Show started out in eXe. Upon reaching top 1 GM in NA, Show was recognized for his talent and great micro and picked up by SlayerS team where he moved to Korea to practice with his new team. [citation needed]

In late 2012 show won code A qualifiers and was able to advance to the finals without dropping a game, beating Dong Rae Gu 2:0 and getting into Code S.[citation needed] Shows Code S run was very easy; he destroyed his group stages and round of 16 after which he played Leenock in round of 8 beating him 3:0, MVP in round of 4, 3:1 and demolished Parting in the finals with the score of 4:0.[citation needed] Show was the first Protoss to win a GSL title in 2012 as well as the first foreigner to do so.[citation needed] Shows run continued in GSL 2013 season 1 and 2 with his amazing run through without losing a game.[citation needed]