Speedling is a team for players at the high platinum - diamond skill level. We focus on improving our 1v1 play. Our players have a good basic game knowledge. You join Speedlings if you want to improve on all elements of your play. We appreciate it if you are active and constantly trying to improve yourself, cause we are doing the same.

Our practices are focussed on playing as much games as possible. Therefor we use a different format than other teams. We split up in smaller groups during a practice so everyone gets to play more games. Our practices can consist of playing general games, training a certain matchup, testing a build or learning to beat another build.

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About Our MembersEdit

As a member of the Speedling Team, you must have a microphone and be prepared to put effort in the team and want to progress into high levels of play. You must be prepared to play a lot of 1v1s and get feedback on your play, most importantly work on the feedback to ensure you can get higher up in the leagues as soon as possible. Laddering is highly recommende so we can all work towards getting you into the higher leagues.

Besides being a dedicated team, we are a fun team, providing you a relaxed environment and cool people to hang out with ^_^


  • Sundays 20:00 GMT
  • Tuesdays 20:00 GMT
  • Thursdays 20:00 GMT (optional)

If youre a drone or member of a different team or just a random person, youre still welcome to hang out in our ts channel!


Mr. Pingy 06:59, May 16, 2012 (UTC)