Team Stalker is dedicated towards improving at all times and never standing down to a challenge. The competitive mindset within Stalker is something that helps keep the team as a whole going forward. As a BSGPD team we strive towards improvement of the game itself through mechanics, practice, and more practice. We will make sure fun is also integrated and that our bigger goals be met.

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About Our MembersEdit

As a member of Stalker you will be pushed to try your best during practices and set forth to represent Stalker in BSGPD tournaments. Expect to improve and help your teammates improve according to the amount of effort you put into it. Be willing to accept any and all criticism about your gameplay and give the same constructive criticism to other members.

Stalker Proving GroundsEdit

Stalker Proving Grounds is a Team Internal Tournement usually heald over the span of a few weeks to decide
who Represents the Team in the NA Team League Clan tourne. Representatives come from the top 4-5 places and 1st place gets an EXE t-shirt and coaching by one of the Clans Masters level players.

The Tournement is also used as a coaching guide to show what each competitor is weak against, so one of the inteam coaches can explain to the players what to do differently.

1st proving grounds rankings
1st Nadir of Void
2nd eXeGB
3rd DaftOne
4th Binary
5th tied GoSuRelik and Consprtr

The teamstaff plans on sending invites to other BSGPD teams in order to help players improve outside of the Code S and Code A tournements inside the clan.

Optional PracticesEdit

  • Monday: 8pm - 10pm EST (FundayMunday)
  • Tuesday: 8pm - 10pm EST
  • Thursday: 8pm - 10pm EST
  • (updated)
  • New practice times 
  • Wednesday: 8pm - 10pm EST
  • Sunday: 8pm - 10pm EST

Squad QuoteEdit

"Burning... doing.... the neutron... DANCE..." A protoss stalker.

Mr. Pingy05:46, May 16, 2012 (UTC)