The Team Fortess Division was the first attempt at a FPS division. Using the game Team Fortess 2 and steam eXe looked to make its mark not only on steam games for the first time but really identify itself as a multi-platform clan. The Team Fortess Division was also the first expansion division ever created from the main three at the time which were World of Warcraft, Starcraft, and League of Legends. It was created on October 24th, 2011. The Division lasted only one month however and was disbanded on November 27th, 2011 by an agreement with the leadership of the divison and eXe.


Rander was promoted to the Division Leader postion upon creation. Rander was a former leader in the Starcraft Division in TG and was selected to be the first and sadly last Division Leader for the short lived divison. Other significant figures helping Rander were Yutari who was the Co-Leader at the time and Pingy who became the Division Officer. A server was created and the fun began. Recruiting began and the creation of a Steam group was announced. The divison was expected to run into issue due to being on the market for so long and being majorly saturated with other clans and servers. This became quite evident when the division did not see any recruits in the first couple of weeks. The membership base sat at 10 with very little support. Recruits then started to trickle in but it was becoming pretty evident that the division would be tough to keep going. Then Rander was forced to step down due to not being able to put his full support behind the game, leaving the division leaderless and with the lack of members this led to the collaspe of the division. A decision was made to close the division not long after Rander stepped down and this led to the first official division to be folded in eXe's short history.

Previous TF2 Division LeadershipEdit

eXe Rander - Division Leader

eXe Pingy - Division Officer