As a member of Team Templar you're expected to stretch your boundaries and push your limit as a player. You will be required to compete in tournaments to get a feel for the competitive gaming scene. While we like to have fun, practices are still conducted seriously and we expect our squad members to accept and give criticism on play style and mechanics.

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Optional PracticeEdit

  • Tuesday, 8pm - 10pm EST
  • Thursday, 8pm - 10pm EST

Team QuoteEdit

“Though we strike at you from the shadows, do not think that we lack the courage to stand in the light.” -Zeratul

Mr. Pingy 05:49, May 16, 2012 (UTC)


Team Templar was originally founded by eXeMesh, Wind and lichdog after sitting down together one day, concerned about the growing size of Team Reaper as well as the lack of a challenge the practices posed. Mesh approached Vinge in early January about starting up a new team of Silver-Gold league players, enlisting Wind and lichdog as his Team assistants and the sign ups of Broseidon, Syndrome, xeus, and attackgshep. It didn't take long with the help from Wings and Trumpcard as well.

Progression and ChangesEdit

Initially, Templar was a Silver-Gold team, now Templar only accepts exceptional players with a drive to improve in the Gold-Platinum leagues. This was mostly due to various lower league members being removed due to AWOLs and people generally getting promoted.

In March 2012, Mesh stepped down as Team Leader, moving himself to Team Nexus to focus on his studies, appointing Wind as the new Team Leader and Fonzi as a new Team Assistant.

In May 2012, Mesh requested a move from Team Nexus back to Templar as a Team Member.

In June 2012, Krosse was enlisted as a new Team Assistant with plans for more practices dedicated to drilling basic mechanics bit by bit until the team as a whole can finally step up to a Platinum and above team.

In August 2012, Krosse was nominated as the new Team Leader, upon Wind's transfer to the Guild Wars 2 division of eXe.

Outside PracticeEdit

Templar conducts practices just about every day. On non-practice days, the team is usually on Skype, doing Peep Mode games hosted by Krosse. Usually the best way to know if an optional going on is usually by checking the 'eXe Templar' chat channel on