The ManEdit

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how the DaftOne plays ladder

As a 24 year old incredibly handsome Starcraft 2 player, Team Leader of the Infamous Spectre and college student. The DaftOne spendsa a lot of time writing, weight lifting, or playing games. Rarely playing ladder games as he sees himself as more of a tournement style player. He strives to become a content producer for a pro team.

The MythEdit

DaftOne has been accused of being a smurf account by a few masters players within the clan, and he maintains this as a possibility, opften making what look like intentional mistakes to lose games. He was once asked after winning a semi finals match "Why do you only use ling bling?" to which he replied "That is all I needed to win." Arrogance mixed with jovial BM when not agitated he tries to be the nicest person he can.

The LegendEdit

Playing since SC1 came out he has always been quite casual, in every game he plays. His play style tends to be macro heavy and takes a lot from Stephano. while playing and even after a game he remains silent as he plays best when he doesnt really think too hard about what he has to do.

Games and NamesEdit

Starcraft: DaftOne.552

League of Legends: Daftvajas, DaftOne

XBL: BambooRX7 (COD:MW3; B3)


  • It is just a game, you paid money for it. Play it how you want, enjoy it the way you enjoy it as I am enjoying it my way
  • Youre bad, if youre in bronze youre bad; if youre in masters, youre bad; if youre number 1 GM and number one in the world youre not terrible but youre not perfect. Starcraft is made to where no one is perfect.
  • Ladder meta is shite, if I wanted to learn how to cheese I would play more ladder; it is kind of like going to Community college to study Law.