Team Tinker is one of the oldest teams of the DotA Division, had a lot of roster changes recently.

Team MembersEdit

LowBosch (Teamleader, Support)

Angelokie (Support)

Footface (Longlane Solo)

Profix (Mid Solo)

Stdmtc (Hardcarry)

Competitive AchivementsEdit

Played in a few small tournaments, nothing major.


Team Tinker, former Venomancer, was found right around the time, the DotA Division was. Back then Profix was Teamleader, with members Coolkast, LowBosch, NedH, and Stdmtc.

After Profix left to the StarCraft Division and Coolcast left for another team, NedH started to lead the team and Footface and Darkashy joined the new named team Tinker.

After NedH and Darkashy left for personal reasons, Profix came back and Angelokie joined the team as well. The first tournament Tinker will play in, will be the JoinDOTA Open 3.