Frank "Tydrokos" Schwartz was born March 17th 1989 and is a masters-level protoss on Team eXe's NA SC2 A-team. Tydro plays a very mid- to late-game focused style, aggressively taking bases to secure a very strong timing push with a heavy macro backbone. Admittedly an emotional player, he is very passionate about playing and is an amazing friend as well. His worst fear is dropping every game in a series, and works towards becoming a better player constantly.


Tydrokos loved video games from a very young age. At the age of 3, one of his fathers co-workers brought home Mario. He quickly fell in love with Mario and stayed up way later than his young body should have. He kept playing video games and at the age of 11, he bought Warcraft II Tides of Darkness with the money he got for a school trip from his father. Realising he didn't have a computer a bit too late, he held on to the box until a year later where he got his first computer. He quickly fell in love with RTS games and practiced hard.

Hearing that Starcraft was coming out, he quickly got very excited and bought the game on release. He played casually for 3 years he finally found the pro scene. He started to get into competitive Starcraft, playing seriously for the next 4 years and reaching C- on ICCUP before quitting for college. He played casually through college with friends. When Tydro found out about the eventual release of Starcraft II, he pre-ordered it immediately. During his placement matches, he went 3-2 to get placed in silver league. He played SC2 casually for the next 4 months and loved it!

Joining eXeEdit

Knowing that he was far behind the current metagame, and wanting to get competitive with Starcraft II, Tydro decided to join a team. He stumbled across Tactical Gaming, a team with an "interesting" system, in the Teamliquid forums and decided to check out. Originally joining the squad "Pheonix" and getting promoted to Team Assistant within a few hours, he practiced hard. With the seperation of TG due to mutual disagreement, Tydro went along with the rest of the SC division to eXe.

Current lifeEdit

Tydrokos is the current TL of the competitive A team of NA SC2 in Team eXe, Dragoon. A strong believer in fulfilling goals, one of his goals is to be one of the foreigners to win a GSL. He practices hard and is one of the nicest people on eXe. An amazing role model for anyone, he works hard towards his goals and will one day reach them.