Ultralisk's main focus is high level 1v1, if you have the skill, then we are the place to refine your game. We recruit anyone who wants to become the best player, who already has enough fundamentals down and who can prove that they have what it takes to become the best. Master league players we look forward to acquiring new members with a variety of perspectives on the game. Ultralisk is also one of the three squads that Dragoon prefers to acquire members from so whether you have the competitive edge and just need to brush up or if you aspire for tournament play, Ultralisk is an excellent first (but we would prefer last) stop. Ultralisk does serves as the "B" Competitive Team on the NA side in NA Starcraft.

Ultralisk Forum Thread

Optional PracticeEdit

Thursdays - 8:00 pm est

About Our MembersEdit

A member of Ultralisk should already have the practice and fundamentals of the game down. Most likely a Masters player, new recruits in Ultralisk must already have the skill set and open mindedness to compete with all variations of strategy while being able to learn new ones themselves. An Ultralisk member must be highly motivated and committed to attendance, improvement and competitiveness both in and out of practice. Members in Ultralisk must also be prepared to accept considerable criticism in the goal of improving their game.