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Vindictic was once a member of the Starcraft Division, after joining the team Reaper, shortly after finding eXe. He began working through ranks, after 3 months in Reaper he had become Team Assistant, and was now being considered for Team Leader.

After 5 months of leading the team Reaper, he approached his Division Officer, Firnafth, to see if she needed any help with anything, cause he was bored. After a short discussion he was made a Division Manager for NA Starcraft.

After a month of DMing in the Sc division he felt it was time to move on...

He was playing a lot of League of Legends at this point so he looked into a division transfer. Upon transfering to the LoL division, he maintained his rank of Division Manager.

Shortly after leaving the team Reaper it began taking a turn for the worst and inevitably was closed... with his beloved team dead he created  a new team Grim "Reaper" Karthus in the LoL division, a none to subtle way to revive his beloved team.

Coming to the LoL division kicked his tryhard way of helping the clan into high gear and helped turn NA LoL into a more thriving environment. And two weeks into his Division Managership of NA LoL, he was put forward to the High Council as a canidate for Division Leader!

Now after a year with the clan, and becoming Division Leader of a division within the clan that he loved, he set about trying to revive the diminishing EU side of eXe LoL, and benifit the clan as a whole as often as he can.