Zergling is a squad for players in EU at the Gold to Plat play level.

Zergling Forum Thread

What you can expect from ZerglingsEdit

  1. Active members. "We strive to be among one of the most active groups as it was set back when Zerglings was first set up" Activity amongst our members means Always having someone of your skill level online to practice with Discussing tactics, builds or problems with stuff you're having ingame. Active laddering members.
  2. Structured Practices. "Feedback, Coaching, Mini Tournaments to get you more confident with laddering" What does this mean Making practices more beneficial to the needs of our members. That we divide our members into smaller groups thus enabling you to get more games played.
  3. Work in Progress. Optional Thursday practices, dedicated to coaching, so you can come along, discuss amongest Master players getting a better insight into your builds ect, ect. Mini Tournaments with some form of Points System and rewards "to be decided." Being Fearless and Active amongst the Team League Challenge thread.

What Zergling expects from membersEdit

You must be an Active member on Teamspeak and ingame. This doesn't mean we want you on everyday, but we want to see our members active outside of mandatory practice hours. To put it politely, we dont want members who only want to turn up for Practice. This wont help you improve in SC2, and wont help Zerglings in having an active group.


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  • Must be a team player. We want our members to help each other in progressing up the ladder and achieving Goals. IE - Practicing with each other, helping each other refine builds, discussing random stuff about the stars and beautiful ponys o.O
  • Laddering is recommended. However, if you're struggling and need help before you want to ladder that is fine as long as that is your goal.